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Photo by: Claire Imler

Lindsay Deutsch, Violin
Mikala Schmitz, Cello
Jason Stoll, Piano

This crossover band of strings, piano, vocals, and percussion, is led by Yanni's star violin soloist, Lindsay Deutsch. Trained at the world’s top conservatories, these artists have expanded their repertoire from Bach and Beethoven to Bieber and The Beach Boys. TAKE3 has become known for eclectic programming that spans decades, genres and styles, including everything from Billy Joel to popular TV and movie hits such as Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean. TAKE3 still enjoys getting back to its classical roots, and takes pride in making this music accessible to audiences who otherwise may not have the opportunity to experience it. These world class artists are much more than great entertainers; they exude deep expression through their performances and connect emotionally with their audiences on a very personal, human level.

TAKE3’s interactive lighting shows, comedic stories of journeys as music students starting out in dungeonous basement practice rooms at classical conservatories, and tales of life-changing opportunities that altered their musical aspirations along the way come together in unforgettable experiences that have left powerful impacts on concert goers all over the nation. The group’s touring schedule takes them to over 50 cities across the continent each season.

TAKE3 offers shows with dancers, full orchestra, small backup orchestra and/or percussion, as well as trio only. In addition to extensive touring, the group has earned accolades for its outreach programs for children of all ages, delivering a message of hope, inspiration, and the importance of following dreams with vigorous tenacity.

The artists’ music can be heard throughout Netflix’s popular show, The Witcher. Their work on the Sony soundtrack reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts and received millions of streams worldwide.